woensdag 20 juli 2011

holiday preparations

It's almost holiday time. In stead of driving in two days to Italy, France or Sweden, we will have our holidays at the Dutch coast.

I love trailers, especially oldtimers, but, after having had two beautiful oldtimer trailers (the first one too small for one kid, the second one, too small for two kids) and a Scandinavian trailer tent (not so pleasant during two weeks of rain), we now have a kind of (ugly, but comfortable) shoe box, called Deseo.

Our trailers and tent trailer

we are now the lucky owners of this shoebox (it's not us on the picture)

In my opinion, the sad thing about almost all trailers is the inside of it. I still don't understand why? So now I'm busy turning this shoe box into a nice place to stay. 

how it was

If I had plenty of time I would paint everything, but unfortunately I don't have that time. So I first took away all those ugly curtains (sorry trailer interior designers) and by adding some Kitsch Kitchen plastic carpets, pillows, plaids and a colourful table ware from the English brand French Bull, Hema and Rice, I will feel comfortable enough for the coming two weeks.

some recycled plastic from Senegal

plastic carpets


Kitsch kitchen tableware
French Bull, Rice and Hema for eating and drinking

My sons Ice Bat XL Ugly doll
Anyway I hope for good weather and take all those things outside to the beach for picnics in the sunset and last but not least, I will also bring my Picnica bunny tote bag.

available at Knuffels à la carte

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