donderdag 10 november 2011

What you need to know about cuddly cacti

Today a short lesson about cacti, cuddly cacti. This because we added some beautiful ones to our shop and cuddly cacti need special care.

How to take care of cuddly cacti?

How often should I water my cactus?
This cactus doesn't need water, it just needs a cuddle,

Does my cuddly cactus needs a lot of light?
Well not really, but you're cactus deserves to be in the spotlight. So give it the best place in your home.

Where do they come from?
They come from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What is so special about cuddly cacti?
  • They are designed by Kom and co-designed with Sopa de Principe.
  • the cuddly cacti are environmentally friendly and made of 100% non toxic cotton.
  • All designs are handprinted to preserve the quality of the colours and fabric.
  • They all come handmade glazed ceramic pots.
  • They are not prickly at all.

Do they need special care?
Besides cuddling, they like music. Especially 'Cactus' by David Bowie.

Are there different types of cuddly cacti?
Yes, there are different types. Knuffels à la carte will sell Cactus Bate (15 cm), Cactus Chichon (18 cm), Planta Petalos(19 cm), Planta Dedos (20 cm) and the huge Cactus Cardon (50 cm).

Cactus Bate (15cm)

Cactus Cardon(50 cm)

Some of these cuddly cacti are now available in our shop and we will soon add more.

♥  Knuffels à la carte

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