woensdag 22 februari 2012

Another site to explore inspiring images ♥ imgfave

I have found these images on Imgfave. Imgfave is an image sharing community with great (arty) photography. You can ♥ fave your favourite images, follow other people and share images to Facebook, Twitter, Tmblr and Pinterest.  

tumblr (alice in wonderland,mad hatter,mad tea party,march hare)
tumblr (girl,mask,animal,raccoon,fox,autumn)
bunnies, bunny mask, line, lovely, mask - inspiring picture on Favim.com

Deze plaatjes heb ik gevonden op Imgfave. Op Imgfave vind je oneindig veel inspirerende foto's die je kan bewaren, ♥ faven (liken) en kan delen op Twitter, Facebook, Tmblr en Pinterest. Ook kan je er andere Imgfavers volgen. 

There is also a live view of images being ♥ faved right now.

Knuffels à la carte

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