woensdag 31 december 2014

Fantastic YEAR END DEALS!!!!!!!!

It's the last day of the year and instead of one deal of the day, we have lots of interesting

We wish you all good health & happiness in the coming year.  

dinsdag 30 december 2014

Fournier dolls!

We love Fournier! 
These four dolls, Cleo, Louis, Moony and Lizzy, are designed by Anabel Fournier and made of baby alpaca wool.

maandag 22 december 2014

Michael Presley!

Let's cuddle Michael Presley!! This doll was intended to be (young) Michael Jackson, but turned out to like a combination of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley 'Michael Presley'. We love this fantastic handmade doll from Vinni.

donderdag 18 december 2014

Skrip Skrap's Christmas dolls!

A shiny silver star, a snowgirl and a Christmas tree, all in the mood for (a white) Christmas!!!!

Images and dolls: Skrip Skrap

woensdag 17 december 2014

Orange is such a happy color!

We are happy to have some new orange cuddles in our shop!
The Maileg carrot prince is a rattle for babies and Feisty Fox is a new Donna Wilson creature. He's 55 cm tall, 100% play proof and machine washable. 

Carrot rattle / Maileg
Feisty fox / Donna Wilson

dinsdag 16 december 2014

Today: 10% discount on our cuddles for girls!

10% discount on all cuddles for girls with code: GIRL
This code is valid on December 16.

Image: Maileg mermaid rattle / Knuffels à la carte


Don't forget to join our Comme Bonjour giveaway!!!
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zondag 14 december 2014

⋰g⋰i⋰v⋰e⋰a⋰w⋰a⋰y⋰ Comme Bonjour / Dress up for Christmas!

We have a 2 very nice ⋰g⋰i⋰v⋰e⋰a⋰w⋰a⋰y⋰s⋰ from a new French brand called ⋰C⋰O⋰M⋰M⋰E⋰ ⋰B⋰O⋰N⋰J⋰O⋰U⋰R⋰.

Comme-Bonjour has a cool collection of handmade leather accessories to button up.  All accessories are eco friendly and made from 100% recycled leather from scraps of leather of the last house of luxury leather goods 'Made in France'. The accessories can simply be button up without any other system of tie (clips, hooks etc. ).  Great for Christmas and birthday parties.

⋰W⋰h⋰a⋰t⋰ ⋰c⋰a⋰n⋰ ⋰y⋰o⋰u⋰ ⋰w⋰i⋰n⋰?⋰


⋰H⋰O⋰W⋰ ⋰T⋰O⋰ ⋰J⋰O⋰I⋰N⋰?⋰

Leave a comment under this blog post or on our Facebook page. Let us now which of the two products you prefer to win and/or let us know what you think of these new accessories.


Repin on these images on Pinterest with the text REPIN TO WIN #KNUFFELSALACARTE.

We will announce the winner on Thursday December 19 on this blog post and on our Facebook page.

Images: Comme Bonjour 

The winners are:

Leather bow tie: Patricia Schets-Vinke
Heart brooch: Elise Velthausz

donderdag 11 december 2014

Let's cuddle Orlando owl

Orlando owl is new in our shop. He has quirky wild hair, a sleepy face and fantastic (soft) claws. It's important to know that Orlando is not an afternoon person either. Orlando is getting started at the end of the day. Orlando owl is a Jellycat creation.

dinsdag 9 december 2014

Animal friends from Woodland Tale!

We love these three Woodland animal friends. Made by Woodland Tale. They are hand-stitched and have beautiful embroidered details.

Images: Woodland Tale