maandag 30 juli 2018

A new Spice girl!!!

Let's cuddle our new spicy friend!!!

It's ˒՚Pՙ˓˒՚oՙ˓˒՚mՙ˓˒՚pՙ˓˒՚oՙ˓˒՚mՙ˓ ˒՚Sՙ˓˒՚pՙ˓˒՚iՙ˓˒՚cՙ˓˒՚eՙ˓˒՚dՙ from Jellycat.

Pompom loves Indian food, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bollywood movies and Donna Wilson's Angry Ginger.

vrijdag 27 juli 2018

Cuddling by the pool!

Let's take a dive with our cuddles
They love beaches, swimming pools, holiday destinations 

→ Still 12,5% discount on all animals!!!  

Code: BEASTY18

woensdag 25 juli 2018

Enjoy our beasty 12,5% discount!!!!

knuffels korting

Our discount voucher is still valid!!! 
Don't wait too long and buy your favorite beasty friend(s) now!!!

Onze kortingscode van 12,5% werkt nog. Wacht daarom niet te lang met het kopen van jouw favoriete knuffelbeest (of -beesten). 

12% discount on all animals 
Code: BEASTY18

Stan Stingray from Jellycat

Tony Tarantula from Jellycat

donderdag 19 juli 2018

Maileg discount day 2!

maileg ballet

Enjoy our Maileg discount and buy your favorite(s) Maileg bunny's, mice, cuddles, rattles now with 15% discount
Use code MAILEGJULY on check out!

Profiteer nu van onze Maileg korting en koop jouw favoriete Maileg muis, konijn, rammelaar, knuffel etc. nu met15% korting
Gebruik code MAILEGJULY bij het afrekenen. 

maileg knuffels

woensdag 18 juli 2018

15% Maileg discount - don't miss it!

Enjoy our Maileg discount and buy your favorite(s) Maileg bunny's, mice, cuddles, rattles now with 15% discount
Use code MAILEGJULY on check out!

Profiteer nu van onze Maileg korting en koop jouw favoriete Maileg muis, konijn, rammelaar, knuffel etc. nu met 15% korting
Gebruik code MAILEGJULY bij het afrekenen. 

dinsdag 17 juli 2018

Disco Queen 'Swellegant Penelope Poodle'!!

Our new Jellycat girl.
Penelope has got fantastic pink candyfloss hair and a sparkly pink collar.
Penelope loves disco dancing and beauty vlogs!

maandag 16 juli 2018

What's new????


Welcome Rita Radish, Fluffy Bat, Darcey Panda, Luis llama, Saffron dog & Curly Kale!!

We've got a lot of new arrivals in our shop. 
They are all waiting for you!

zondag 15 juli 2018

See you later 'Alan' Alligator!!

Jellycat alan alligator

See you later 'Alan' Alligator!!
This cuddly friend is new in our shop and is waiting patiently for you!!
Created by Jellycat
Suitable from birth.

jellycat knuffels


We've also got another alligator in our shop. It's Aligatissimo Croco from Sigikid Beasts.

vrijdag 13 juli 2018

Let's cuddle Odell Octopus - now also available in XXL size!

Let's cuddle Odell Octopus!!! This Jellycat favorite is now available in four different sizes. New is the really big size!!!!!