woensdag 29 april 2015

The Velvet Egg!

We love these stylish designs from The Velvet Egg, a design platform founded by Elle Nelson and Catherine Vandenberg. They have a wonderful collection of softies, pillows, prints, accessories and  tote bags.

Images: the Velvet Egg

maandag 27 april 2015

vrijdag 24 april 2015

Beautiful swans!

Beautiful swans!

1) Bjork doll with swan dress / Katkiller
2) Miniature swan / Abigail Brown
3) knitted swan / Colette Bream
4) Swan onesie / Rylee + Cru
5) Swan baby blanket / Spearmint Love
6) Swan / Tamar Mogendorff

donderdag 23 april 2015

Let's play music!!

1) illustration / Ulrike Wathling
2) Daft Punk dolls / Mediodescocido
3) Betsy Bones / Knuffels à la carte (supersale)
4) tote bag tea drinking stars / Knuffels à la carte 
5) microphone rattle/ Leggybuddy
6) guitar rattle / The Lazy Jellyfish

Let's play guitar with Betsy Bones.
You can buy her for only € 7,95 (instead of € 29,95)


woensdag 22 april 2015

Let's cuddle Lulu lemur!

Donna Wilson Lulu lemur

He just arrived from London and he's now looking for a new home!
Who want to adopt Lulu, a very energetic lemur who loves to throw water balloons.
Designed by: Donna Wilson
Size: 40 cm

dinsdag 21 april 2015

Bunny love!

We love these adorable bunnies. They are handmade by Erika Amstalden and for sale on Kinderkamer Vintage. A very inspiring blog from Haske Kroes-Sommers.

It's also possible to order a custom made bunny doll. Visit Kinderkamer Vintage for more information.

maandag 20 april 2015

33.000 Pinterest followers!

We have reached 33.000 followers on Pinterest. Here are some of our favorite pins!
Thank you all for following us!

1) Doll from Evangelione handmade / pinned on cuddly dolls
2) Cabinet from Piet Hein Eek, pinned on Products I love
3) Florence Flamengo from Ladedahkids, pinned on cuddly birds
4) frish from Skrip Skrap, pinned on cuddly under water creatures
5) Illustration from Lulu na Mostu, pinned on Illustrations
6) Nothing / no thing pinned on Words

vrijdag 17 april 2015

Our cuddles and Rafa-kids

We are in love with Rafa-kids bed!

cuddles on the images: Luckyboysunday, Maison Indigo, Donna Wilson, Snooshy

Some of our cuddles went on a short trip to Rafa-kids studio in Rotterdam. They had a great time and played in a very cool kidsroom which was styled by Paulina Arcklin. The result of their trip is an inspiring photoshoot. You'll find more images on Rafa-kids blog.

Maison Indigo denim fox 


Our two Imps & Elfs mice felt very comfortable and decided to stay.

Images and photography / Rafa-Kids
Styling: Paulina Arcklin

woensdag 15 april 2015

Cute, lazy and cool!

We love these two irresistible sloth plushies. They are made by Susan Hank from Bijou Kittyand for sale on Etsy.

Bijou Kitty also has a Facebook page and blog where you can admire many more cute creations, like teddy bears, raccoons, pillows, bunnies and more.

dinsdag 14 april 2015

Let's cuddle Carlos beaver!

Let's cuddle Carlos beaver, our new Donna Wilson creature. He's now for sale in our shop!!!


Carlos is secretly a graffiti artist and loves cheeseburgers.


maandag 13 april 2015

Natural beauties!

These dolls and their beautiful clothes are made by Kathryn Davey
They are handmade from natural materials with a whole lot of love & care.  


Kathryn also sells beautiful beds for her dolls. 

Images: Kathryn Davey

woensdag 8 april 2015

Little Bellwoods

A sleeping skunk, a grey and black wolf, a fox and three cute birdies. 
These cute animal creatures are all made from felted wool with beautiful embroidered details. You can buy them in Little Bellwoods shop on Etsy.