maandag 29 februari 2016

New Luckyboysunday pillows and psssttt. you can still use our discount today!


Cushion Luckyboysunday
Mause pillow

We have added two new Luckyboysunday pillows to our shop. Bunty and Mause!


We have included a Luckyboysunday inner pillow in both of them.
Both pillows are 45 cm x 45 cm and made from woven jacquard in 40% cotton and 60% polyester. 
You can now buy them in our shop!


Psssst. it's the last day of our cuddly 10% discount.
Don't forget to use the code: FEB123

zaterdag 27 februari 2016

Yeah it's weekend, cuddly discount weekend!

Now 10% off with code: FEB123

Luckyboysunday sale discount

Yeah! It's weekend, "cuddly discount weekend". Now 10% off on all our cuddles (code FEB123)!
Dit weekend 10% korting op alle knuffels met code FEB123.

On the image: Luckyboysunday secret friends. From left to right: Miss White, Bow Jovi, Polly and a new Luckyboysunday girl, called  Chipper!


The discount is also valid on all other brands, like Maileg, Donna Wilson, Steiff, Mana'o nani, Jellycat and more!

vrijdag 26 februari 2016

10% discount on all cuddles with code: FEB123

10% discount with code: FEB123

soft toys discount

Enjoy our cuddly discount. 
Now 10% off!
The code is: FEB123 (valid on all cuddles until February 29th).

We sell great brands like Luckyboysunday, Jellycat, Donna Wilson, My name is Simone, Maileg and more!

Bowie doll


donderdag 25 februari 2016

woensdag 24 februari 2016

Who dares to cuddle a condor?

Colin condor is back in stock!

Jellycat knuffels

Our favorite Jellycat condor Colin is back in stock!!
Who dares to cuddle Colin?

Before you adopt a Californian condor, it's important to be aware of their habits. For Colin Condor it's necessary to have that special messy feather look. You can achieve that with Condor's messy feather gel, but a better way to create his favorite hair style is cuddling.  



Colin's best friend Charlie, a black crow is also waiting for adoption.
You can adopt Charlie for a special price.

Jellycat knuffels

dinsdag 23 februari 2016

New Luckyboysunday rugs!

Luckyboysunday rugs!

Luckyboysunday Gorby rug

Luckyboysunday rug Bunty

We have two new Luckyboysunday rugs in our shop. Gorby & Bunty, Both rugs are handtufted in 80% wool and 20% cotton.   

Luckyboysunday vloerkleed

Luckyboysunday vloerkleed

Mause rug is back in stock!

Luckyboysunday rug mause

zaterdag 20 februari 2016

New collection Luckyboysunday!

    New Luckyboysunday arrivals!Bunty luckyboysunday

Gorby luckyboysundayLuckyboysunday new collection
  Luckyboysunday Bunty

There are new Luckyboysunday dolls in our shop. 
They are all adorable, fantastic and very very Luckyboysunday
So let's cuddle Gorby, Bunty and Chipper.

Luckyboysunday new collection sho

donderdag 18 februari 2016

Don't miss this animated video from Mana'o nani and buy your favorite one with 10% off!

Don't miss this fantastic animated video from Mana'o nani. 
We're very proud to be part of it...

Mana'o nani

It's fantastic to cuddle and play with the teddies from Mana'o nani.

They are so much more than just a cuddle:

They come in a beautiful designed box
They have an own and unique name (which you can find at the inside of their box)
They have magic magnetic paws to attach them on any surface that will adhere a magnet
They are all unique and personal with hand embroidered faces.
They are a travel buddy on the move and a best furry friend at home.

There are three different TRAVEL BUDDIES:

Sir Cocolito, a white soft buddy
Sir Chocoloto, a brown travel buddy
Badbutt Grizzly, a black, naughty and wild travel buddy!! 
You can buy them today with 10% discount.

Mana'o nani

Mana'o nani
Mana'o nani

teddies manaonani

New! Frederic the frog prince!

Frederick the frog prince 

Jellycat knuffels
Who dares to kiss Frederic, our new Jellycat frog prince?
He's waiting for you in our shop!

woensdag 17 februari 2016

Let's cuddle Milipa!

Let's cuddle Milipa!

grey soft toys

Let's cuddle these fantastic soft toys from Milipa. They are made by Milena Paladinos and for sale on Etsy!

soft toys

dinsdag 16 februari 2016

Dolls with style!


fashion dolls
Fashion dolls
Fashion dolls
Fashion dolls

We spotted these very stylish dolls on Pinterest.
Source:  The Spring/Summer 2017 trend book from Style Indicator

Fashion doll