woensdag 25 april 2018

maandag 23 april 2018

New bunnies!

New from Happy Horse. Richie linen bunnies! Available in two colours. 
Size 41 cm, washable and suitable from birth.


We still have our April discount.....

donderdag 19 april 2018

Oh Lucky babies !!

Let´s give your baby a Lucky baby! 

Created by Danish brand Luckyboysunday.
Size: 20 cm
Suitable from birth
They are all soft, safe & very stylish.

Which one is your favourite?


Not only for babies :-)

woensdag 18 april 2018

Happy BiRDSday!

jellycat knuffels

We've got two very happy birds, because they are spotted in the new Jantje (a Dutch magazine).

We hebben twee hele happy vogels in de winkel. Ze hebben namelijk een plekje in het tijdschrift Jantje gekregen. 

Flimsy flamingo is zo blij, dat ze zich aanbiedt als dagaanbieding en vandaag met 10 euro korting te koop is. 

You can buy Flimsy flamingo for a very nice price today!!!!

maandag 16 april 2018

A is for ......


donna wilson

hansa toy

luckyboysundaymoulin roty


knuffels à la carte shop

moulin roty

A = for African wild dog, our new Hansa Toy
B = for Barry, a Donna Wilson bear
C = for cabbage, a baby toy from Oli & Carol
D = for dog, this is Walter from Moulin Roty
E = for Elephant. This is Darcey from Jellycat
F = for Florrie Maflish from Jellycat
G = for ginger, Angy Ginger a Donna Wilson creature
H = for Hedgehog, a Maileg one
I = for Inky, an octopus from Jellycat
J = for Jenny, a Maileg bunny with a bag
K = for Karl
L = for llama, this one looks real
M = for Mattie a Jellycat monkey
N = for Nulle, a Luckyboysunday character
O = for owl, this is a Jellycat owl
P = for Pitterpat, a new Jellycat collection of soft toys
Q = for sQueker. This is mademoiselle from Moulin Roty
R = for rooster, this is Robbie from Jellycat
S = for Slither, a Jellycat snake
T = for Teddy, she's a new Luckyboysunday baby
U = for unicorn. This is Darcey from Jellycat
V = for Vulture. This is Gus from Moulin Roty
W = for wedding, this mice couple is from Maileg
X = for boX, we sell a lot of cute boxes
Y = for Yack, this is Zack from Moulin Roty
Z = for Zebra, this is the Bashful Jellycat zebra.

They are all living in our shop!

vrijdag 13 april 2018

donderdag 12 april 2018

A new Maileg angel mouse and the superhero mouse is back in stock

superhero mouse maileg

Good news!! The Maileg superhero mouse is back in stock. He comes with a metal suitcase and there's a new Big Sister Maileg mouse
She wears golden angel wings, which you can also take off.
Now available in our shop!!!

donderdag 5 april 2018

Lucky babies!!!!

baby luckyboysunday

Luckyboysunday  knuffel


Luckyboysunday  baby

Happy baby news!!! 
New Luckyboysunday babies are now travelling from Denmark to our shop!!!! 

to be continued .....