woensdag 13 juli 2011

Why not sending your cuddle on a trip to Paris?

I love Paris. Many years ago, I lived for two years in this beautiful and inspiring city and I hope to visit it again soon. While doing some research, I discovered Furry Toys Tours. Furry Toys Tours makes it possible to send your favourite cuddle on a trip to Paris

Inspired by the movie Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Furry Toys Tours takes your favourite cuddle around the city and photographs it in front of famous Paris sightings. There are different city tours to choose from. While your beloved cuddle enjoys her/his city trip you receive daily updates by mail with photos. At the end of the trip, you get 30 photo’s, a little souvenir of Paris and a travel certificate.

Nathalie Lété postcard available at Paumes.com

What I personally miss is a shopping tour around all those hidden secret places in Paris. So I decided, in stead of spending € 100 for this tour, to buy the Paumes edition Souvenirs of Paris, learn some Japanese and visit Paris in the near future. Of course with one of the cuddles in the shop.

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