maandag 17 oktober 2011

Six solutions for awful stuffed animals

Do you recognize 'the awful stuffed animal problem'? Today I have six solutions for you.

Herken je het 'lelijke knuffel probleem'? Vandaag 6 oplossingen.

1) make a dress of them like Kate Moss did

2) throw them away


blog teddy bear art car
3) donate them and make some one else happy
4) ask Jamie for a good recipe

THE ZOO Stuffed Animal Storage by Littlezookeepers
5) store  them in this Zoo storage

THE ZOO Stuffed Animal Storage by Littlezookeepers
the zoo storage

the 6th solution
Avoid having the awful stuffed animal problem and ask for stylish plush like Luckyboysunday. Turn your living or childrens room into a showroom and keep them for the rest of your life.

Luckyboysunday (new collection now availabe at Knuffels à la carte)

Knuffels à la carte 

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