donderdag 3 november 2011

Special dog for adoption

This is the I-willy dog from Felifamily.  We have adopted two of them and these dogs are great to play with. 

Dog breed: Felifamily iWilly
Country of Origin: Guatemala
Size: 60 cm
Coat: red, special red
Character: curious, playful, enthusiastic and intelligent
Temperament: gets along well with children and other pets.
Care: cuddling should be sufficient
Activity: No walks are necessary

Dries with his iWilly dog

Jules with his iWilly dog

and more kids are lucky owners of an iWilly dog.

Photographed for Caos Magazine 

Photographed for Caos Magazine.

and we still have iWillies available, all looking for good homes. If you want to adopt an iWilly dog, visit our shop.

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