woensdag 21 november 2012

Let's meet this Fancy rabbit

This nerdy Luckyboysunday rabbit is new in my shop. His name is 'Fancy Nulle' and maybe he looks familiar to you, because his older brother 'Pale Nulle' is also for sale in my shop.

Fancy Nulle

Dit nerdy Luckyboysunday konijn is nieuw in mijn shop. Zijn naam is 'Fancy Nulle'. Misschien komt hij je bekend voor, want zijn oudere broer 'Pale Nulle' (zie foto onder) staat ook in mijn shop.

Pale Nulle

Fancy and Pale are created by Danish brand Luckyboysunday and for sale in my shop!


One thing you need to know about Fancy. Although he wears a beautiful sweater, Fancy loves to hang out on ugly sweater christmas parties!

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