dinsdag 7 oktober 2014


You can order it here!

There is a lovely new Japanese book on Dutch kidsrooms and we are very proud that our sons rooms are in it. Last June, Kiyomi Yui and her husband Mick Witkamp (from Studio Frog) have photographed Dries' and Jules' rooms and did an interview with us. The result is very nice!!!!

Yes, we have a lot of plastic and plush dolls and animals!!!! 

Beside our boys rooms, you also find the following kids rooms in this nice book!
I've copied this list from Moodkids.

Thank you Kiyomi and Mick!!!!

  1. Maike / Moodkids 
  2. Madeleine / Madelart
  3. Wimke / WimkeTolsma 
  4. Jacolien /  Bibelotte
  5. Mevrouw Groen
  6. Jolien /  Kinderkamerstylist
  7. Pearls & Swines
  8. Julie
  9. Eefje / Eefje Kleijweg  
  10. Sylvester & Rava
  11. Rafa-kids (my son is now in love with the RAFA kids bed :-))
  12. Samira boon
  13. Miranda / Meettheblogger
  14. CozyKidz
  15. Mignon / Authentique Mignon
  16. Jochem & Alja v/ Bentodonderdag  
  17. Myrthe / Studiosoet 
  18. Joke / Knuffels a la carte
  19. Sterre
  20. Erica / Mikodesign
  21. Marijn / Kinderdijk

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