woensdag 11 februari 2015

LuckydayWEDNESDAY deals!!

All Beauty Baby wants is a hug!!!!
This gorgeous Luckyboysunday doll is our deal of the day! 
She is not the only one.
Take a look!!!!
& buy your favorite  Luckyboysunday doll with 20 euro discount today!


You get a FREE Luckyboysunday gift set when you order a Luckyboysunday doll, pillow or Luckybubble in our shop (valid until February 13th, until stock last). The set contains 8 pop out gift tags and a paper DIY gift box set (size 6,5 x 6,5 cm).  

The gift set is also for sale for € 12,95

Image 1
Beauty Baby
Image 2
Bonbon rose
Mause doll
Bonbon blue
Stanly de Large
Image 3
Luckyboysunday gift set

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