maandag 28 september 2015

Our Sherlock Holmes dogs love the new Rafa-Kids collection!

plywood shelves Rafa-Kids

kids furniture

Maileg dogs
Our two Maileg (Sherlock Holmes) dogs were invited by Rafa-Kids to try out their new plywood shelves. Both dogs enjoyed their stay and we love the nice images we recently received from Rafa-Kids. Rafa-Kids designs fantastic modern quality furniture for children.  Please check out their blog and website for more fantastic kids furnitues, images and imspiration. The dogs are designed by Danish brand Maileg and are available in two sizes. They love cool kids rooms, cuddling, Rafa-Kids and Sherlock Holmes!! They are for sale in our shop!

Image 1 & 2 / Rafa-Kids
Image 3 / Knuffels à la carte

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