dinsdag 15 december 2015

Christmas DIScountdown - 10% discount on all cuddly foxes and wolves!

Knuffelvos of knuffelwolf
Our cuddly wolves and foxes like to spend Christmas with you! Today you can buy them with 10% discount (use code Woodland).

1) Big Fox from Donna Wilson (an XXL cuddle)
2) Feisty Fox another XXL fox from Donna Wilson
3) Latérite, the famous French wolf from Main Sauvage
4) Grey wolf from Maileg
5) Grey mini wolf from Maileg
6) Cyril squirrel fox, our bestseller from Donna Wilson
7) Mini fox from Maileg
8) Snoozle fox, a kind of pillow pet from Jellycat
9) Wolfie, a bashful creature from Donna Wilson (Wolfie collects spoons)!
10) Wolf with hat and scarf from Maileg
11) a soft Bashful fox from Jellycat
12) fox baby toy from Jellycat
13) Cordyroy fox medium from Jellycat
14) Grandmother wolf from Maileg
15) Fox from Maileg.

Tomorrow we will announce a new Christmas DIScount!

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