donderdag 18 februari 2016

Don't miss this animated video from Mana'o nani and buy your favorite one with 10% off!

Don't miss this fantastic animated video from Mana'o nani. 
We're very proud to be part of it...

Mana'o nani

It's fantastic to cuddle and play with the teddies from Mana'o nani.

They are so much more than just a cuddle:

They come in a beautiful designed box
They have an own and unique name (which you can find at the inside of their box)
They have magic magnetic paws to attach them on any surface that will adhere a magnet
They are all unique and personal with hand embroidered faces.
They are a travel buddy on the move and a best furry friend at home.

There are three different TRAVEL BUDDIES:

Sir Cocolito, a white soft buddy
Sir Chocoloto, a brown travel buddy
Badbutt Grizzly, a black, naughty and wild travel buddy!! 
You can buy them today with 10% discount.

Mana'o nani

Mana'o nani
Mana'o nani

teddies manaonani

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