woensdag 13 juli 2016

Some of our favorites Jellycat, Luckyboysunday, Main Sauvage, Mana'onani ....

Do we have favorite cuddles?
Yes we have!!!
Even more than one.
We show you a small selection!

knuffels jellycat

Cyril, a soft long haired sloth 
Charmed Lily kitten, a white curly cat
-Colin, our super relaxed condor 

We forgot Paris Poodle



Luckyboysunday / Lucky ladies

new collection main sauvage

Latérite wolf
New alpaca Latérite wolfs are on their way to our shop (expected arrival by the end of this week).

mana'onani travelbuddy


Sir Chocolito and Sir Cocolito, two travelbuddies from Mana'o nani.
They are more than just a cuddle.
(curious? meet them here).


We sell more cuddly friends!
Click here to meet them.

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