dinsdag 22 november 2016

10% discount on Main Sauvage / 10% korting op Main Sauvage

Let's cuddle French brand Main Sauvage!
Today you can buy your favorite one (or more) with 10% discount.
The code is: MAIN

We sell three knitted Latérite wolfs / 100% alpaca wool
One eco cotton Latérite wolf
a knitted Humus bunny / 100% alpaca wool
a Latérite wolf poster (A4 size).

knitted wolf knuffelwolf
medium grey knitted Latérite wolf

Main Sauvage wolf
Latérite wolf A4 poster

Humus bunny knitted from soft baby alpaca wool

alpaca wool wolf
Black knitted Latérite wolf

wolf laterite
Latérite wolf / 100% eco cotton

alpaca wolf
Light grey knitted  Latérite wolf

Knuffels wolf main sauvage

Until stock runs out!!!!!!!

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