vrijdag 3 februari 2017

Let's cuddle our pink, blue, green and grey cuddles!

happy horse
grijze knuffels


blauwe knuffels

Let's cuddle our pink, grey, green and blue cuddles!

Image 1) Flapper flamingo baby soother from Jellycat, Kanindocka from Miniroom, Bunty from Luckyboysunday, pink teddybear from Maileg, flowered pig from Happy Horse, tooth box from Maileg.

Image 2) Charlie Monkey from Donna Wilson, Ella elephant baby tuttle from Happy Horse, Nulle pillow from Luckyboysunday, grey cloud pillow from Miniroom, soft grey woodlander wolf from Jellycat

Image 3) Cactus pillow from OYOY mini, Frog soother from Happy Horse, Hippo from Maileg, Wild thing frog from Donna Wilson, Larry Lizard from Jellycat.

Image 4) Dennis the tattooed man from Donna Wilson, Blue monkey Maileg, Cordy Roy elephant from Jellycat, Baby gorby from Luckyboysunday, Chipper from Luckyboysunday.

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