maandag 16 april 2018

A is for ......


donna wilson

hansa toy

luckyboysundaymoulin roty


knuffels à la carte shop

moulin roty

A = for African wild dog, our new Hansa Toy
B = for Barry, a Donna Wilson bear
C = for cabbage, a baby toy from Oli & Carol
D = for dog, this is Walter from Moulin Roty
E = for Elephant. This is Darcey from Jellycat
F = for Florrie Maflish from Jellycat
G = for ginger, Angy Ginger a Donna Wilson creature
H = for Hedgehog, a Maileg one
I = for Inky, an octopus from Jellycat
J = for Jenny, a Maileg bunny with a bag
K = for Karl
L = for llama, this one looks real
M = for Mattie a Jellycat monkey
N = for Nulle, a Luckyboysunday character
O = for owl, this is a Jellycat owl
P = for Pitterpat, a new Jellycat collection of soft toys
Q = for sQueker. This is mademoiselle from Moulin Roty
R = for rooster, this is Robbie from Jellycat
S = for Slither, a Jellycat snake
T = for Teddy, she's a new Luckyboysunday baby
U = for unicorn. This is Darcey from Jellycat
V = for Vulture. This is Gus from Moulin Roty
W = for wedding, this mice couple is from Maileg
X = for boX, we sell a lot of cute boxes
Y = for Yack, this is Zack from Moulin Roty
Z = for Zebra, this is the Bashful Jellycat zebra.

They are all living in our shop!

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