woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Big Tone in the news

Yesterday I received the new Mama Magazine with an article in which Knuffels à la carte is mentioned.

So nice to see top models (Jules, my son) and Mr (so cool) Big Tone in their September issue.

My husband, Simon makes all photos for the shop. Here Jules and Big Tone during our photo shoot.

Big Tone is one of the members of The Monsters of Rock. He's huge, soft, very friendly and has even become the official mascot of the Motley Crue tour!!

 Tommy Lee with Johnny Fandango  (Motley Crue loves the Grateful Thread products)

Created by London based designer couple Jami and Nicolas Worth for their label 'The Grateful Thread'. They both share a love of music and crafts and create rock 'n' roll themed soft toys and gifts. All products are handmade.

Other members of this cuddly band are Betsy Bones (playing bass), Johnny Fandango (an outstandingly talented guitarist), Elvis Beastley (with hair grease and golden sunglasses) and Mr. Funkenstein (the latest addition to the band).

Today I will add two new Grateful Thread products to the shop. LP inspired couch cushions made of soft fleece with funny embroidered details. Great for music and especially vinyl lovers. They look absolutely fantastic on a couch, bed or anything you want to add that extra funky touch.
Sofa Chillin - performed by The Sandmen

Sweet dreams produced by Sleepy recordings

As a big fan of the Grateful Thread collection, we also sell other Grateful Thread products like rockin guitar softies and guitar baby rattles.

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