maandag 29 augustus 2011

NEW KOM products in the shop

Two weeks ago we made photo's and today I will try to add some new KOM products to the shop. Try to, because in between I have to play with Playmobil and Lego with my sons.
KOM Hare XL 65 cm

With their beautiful colours and prints, Kom is one of my favourite labels in the shop.

my son Dries with XL hare

KOM fabrics (Buenos Aires, Argentina) are made of 100% cotton and have not been bleached or treated with toxins that harm the environment. All designs are handprinted to protect the quality of the beautiful colours and fabrics. 

hare 48 cm


Kom ♥ Sopa de principe cactus

Kom also creates other beautiful products like children and baby clothes, cushions, laptop sleeves and more.

baby trousers

rama oliva
Kom dress

baby suit 

KOM Designer Pablo Ferraro

I will also bring KOM products to the Utrechtse Fabriek on Sunday September 4.

♥ Have a nice day

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