dinsdag 27 september 2011

Approved by me

I discovered Minu in a friends online shop Approved by you. Minu, works as an independent illustrator, and a creator of plush. Originally from Germany, Minu now lives in New Zealand.

LiluBird available at Approved by you

Ik heb Minu ontdekt in de online shop van een vriendin 'Approved by You'. Minu is illustrator en maakt knuffels. Minu is van oorsprong Duits, maar woont tegenwoordig in Nieuw Zeeland.

Bear - Perfect and Cute Companion (Preorder)
plush bear

Viech - Cutie with Claws
cute plush rabbit

If you're interested in Minu, visit Approved by You, Minu's website, blog, or Minu's Etsy shop.

Knuffels à la carte

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