woensdag 7 september 2011

Shopaholic, ecological and adorable

Once upon a time, two Japanese designers, both designing for Japanese label H-concept + D, created four cute little bunnies. The bunnies, called Picnica, were created in hopes that people will care for objects in the same way they embrace living creatures.

Tomohiro Kato and Satoshi Hasegawa

brown, black and grey
and orange

The bunnies have one thing in common, they love shopping and the environment. For this reason these adorable rabbits can be easily transformed into an ecological shopping tote (you don't need to buy a plastic bag).

picnica ピクニカ
To use, simply unzip its back

Once opened, the bunny hangs on the side of the bag. 

picnica ピクニカ

The bunnies have been spotted in Tokyo, Paris, New York and London and now also in Amsterdam.

If you want one, visit our shop, choose your favourite colour and take your bunny always with you.

Knuffels à la carte

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